Dirty Laundry

341913 02: Actors Brad Pitt and Claire Forlani in a romantic scene from the film "Meet Joe Black." (Photo by Liaison)


Naked newsman brings Zoom yoga to a new level!

Chris Cuomo apparently caught naked in wife Cristina's yoga video

If you think you've seen enough of Chris Cuomo after his much-publicized contraction of coronavirus and nightly TV reminders of "you know who my brother is," think again. The CNN anchor was apparently caught in the nude in the garden of his Hamptons mansion during a social media yoga session filmed by his wife, Cristina Greeven Cuomo.

CGI Sex Scenes?

Hollywood will tackle sex scenes by 'using CGI' to avoid COVID-19

Sex scenes in Hollywood will reportedly be tackled using CGI and re-writes, with some being scrapped altogether, in wake of the COVID-19 crisis. As the movie and TV industry looks to resume production from June 12 after shutting down amid the global pandemic, filmmakers have been instructed to still follow social distancing measures going forward.

And the Tiger King is NOT into being a caged animal:

"Tiger King" star says medical mistreatment in prison will kill him in 2-3 months

In a prison letter dated June 1, Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, the subject of the 2020 Netflix docu-series Tiger King, said he expects to be dead within two to three months due to insufficient medical care in his prison.