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Billy Idol joined Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on their latest “At-Home” performance with a fun take on “Dancing With Myself.”

The “At-Home” performance is the quarantine version of the popular Tonight Show bit of “Classroom Instruments,” where popular musicians perform one of their biggest hits with Fallon and The Roots on children’s toy instruments.

So, what “At-Home” instruments were featured on this “Vital Idol” video? In the video’s YouTube description, there was quite a variety including pot lids, tongs, spatulas, wooden spoons and even a food processor.

Jimmy Fallon, Billy Idol & The Roots Remix "Dancing with Myself" (At-Home Instruments)

Billy Idol joins Jimmy and The Roots to perform a social distancing remix of his hit "Dancing with Myself" with instruments found at home while in quarantine...


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