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Julie Devereaux

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ROVANIEMI, FINLAND - DECEMBER 21: Santa Claus takes a call on his mobile phone as he waits for visitors at Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle near Rovaniemi, Finland on December 21, 2002. Santa Claus village attracts 480,000 visitors a year, 80 per cent of whom are adults. (Photo by Tony Lewis/Getty Images)

Guess who’s checking in on us from the North Pole???


Santa works overtime to bring joy to children during stay-at-home order

Many parents of young children will tell you this is a challenging time with children's school, events, sports and birthday parties canceled.But one man with a familiar face wants to help lift kids' spirits. Santa is making the most of his time during stay-at-home orders in many states by spreading some Christmas joy, even in the spring.