If you’re looking for a spiced up version of Pictionary that offers more drawing and creativity, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is It?

  • Pictionary that works best with specific categories, like idioms or, movie titles for instance. It’s not as competitive as regular pictionary and takes a lot more creativity! This game can be challenging, so it may be best to play it with older groups or teenagers. Little children could have difficulty playing this game.

Materials Needed

  • A whiteboard and eraser or a pencil and reusable paper!

How To Play:

Just like classic pictionary, players take turns drawing silently, trying to get other players to guess a word or phrase.

Thanks to The Game Gal for this idea, Mixtionary works better if players come up with their own ideas of what to draw and if you don’t have a timer. You might not even want to keep score. It’s just a fun way to see who can creatively get others to guess a word or phrase in a challenging way, because instead of drawing any picture, your challenge is to illustrate the individual sounds of the phrase, mixing pictures to put together the entire phrase.

So in this post, I’ll use movie titles as an example. (Also, mostly family/PG movie titles.)

So for example, if I was to draw a coo, and then a lawnmower on grass, you’d be correct by guessing Mulan!

Playing with movie titles, book titles, and maybe idioms make the game more fun and a bit easier, but still challenging nonetheless. Since you won’t be able to illustrate all movie titles this way, it’s best to let players think of their own. Have fun!

Hollywood Kyle is the Digital Content Producer and Production Director of Mix 99.5 WJBR. Being a Delaware local, Kyle takes pride in his hometown and has had a love for music since a young age. Hollywood Kyle joins the Mix Morning Show for abstract thoughts and ideas during "Hollywood Kyle" segment around 9:40am Monday thru Friday.