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BERLIN, GERMANY - MARCH 08: In this photo illustration jars of American peanut butter bought at a German supermakret stand arranged on March 8, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. U.S. President Donald Trump has promised to authorize tariffs on imported steel and aluminum today and the European Commission has vowed to retaliate with tariffs on Levi's jeans, Kentucky bourbon and Harley-Davidson motorcycles, as well as peanut butter, cranberries, kidney beans, bed linens and lipstick. Many analysts fear the tariffs could escalate and hence cost jobs on both sides of the Atlantic. The European Union and Canada are the world's biggest exporters of steel to the United States. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Baking much lately? Yea, me too.

First of all, for me, I find baking relaxing. It makes the house smell sooo good and pretty much anything warm out of the oven hits for me!

Haven’t made this yet but planning to!! It looks really easy!

How to Make This No-Yeast Peanut Butter Bread That's Going Viral

Baking has become a staple for many during the coronavirus outbreak, keeping people entertained at home. From banana bread and sourdough to no-knead focaccia, spending free time by the kitchen oven is becoming a common occurrence. One bread that the internet has quickly become obsessed with in recent weeks is the no-yeast peanut butter bread.