Coronavirus Updates

A 65 year old man was tackled by shoppers after allegedly coughing and spitting all over the produce section at the Stop & Shop supermarket in Kingston, MA on Saturday morning.

Cell phone video shows a physical confrontation with the man, with shoppers holding him down on the ground after the alleged incident.

Kingston Police responded to the incident a little before noon on Saturday morning.

“The investigation remains on-going. It is alleged that a 65 year old male from Duxbury was coughing and spitting and became confrontational with staff and witnesses. The incident escalated into a physical confrontation,” the police said in a statement posted to Facebook.

Authorities say that they have no reason to believe the man has COVID-19 at the time, but was taken to BID-Plymouth Hospital for evaluation. He has since been banned from the store.

“The Kingston Board of Health was contacted and responded to Stop and Shop to ensure public safety. If appropriate, the Kingston and Duxbury Boards of Health (where the individual resides) will take any necessary actions to ensure public safety with the information they become aware of,” police stated.

The man has not been identified.