Overwatch League 2020 Season2020-02-09
The opening weekend of the 2020 Overwatch League wrapped up yesterday in New York and Dallas. There were triumphs and heartbreaks as the second day of play didn’t seem quite as competitive as the first. Some teams went home 0-2, some teams got their first full sweeps. The matches consist of London versus Paris and New York versus Boston, both in New York. In Dallas we saw Vancouver play against the Valiant and the Dallas Fuel take on the San Francisco Shock.

London Spitfire v Paris Eternal

Coming into this match both teams were at 0 – 1 having lost their matches the previous day. Paris took control in a very dominant fashion on Nepal taking the first round 100% to 0. London in that round had only gotten two killing blows. The Spitfire woke up a little bit on the second round but Paris was still in control and took the map. On King’s Row London Paris continued their dominant play as they pushed through point A and B and finished the map with over 3 minutes in the time bank. London on the other hand struggled, making slow progress from point to point. They weren’t able to make much ground unless multiple ultimates were invested. They did finish the map, but just by the skin of their teeth. In the second round Paris gave a full hold to London on point A then took the map on their own attack. In the third map the Spitfire looked like they may have finally found their stride, but Paris had already hit theirs at the top of the match. point A was a solid defense for London, but the Eternal broke through. They were held at bay on point B as well, but the Eternal did take it in over time. Similarly on London’s attack they’re able to capture point A after some back and forth, but Paris holds firm on point B taking the map and the series in the seasons first clean sweep.

Boston Uprising v New York Excelsior

New York was favored coming into this match with half of Boston’s roster unproven on the professional stage. Unlike the Spitfire and Valiant who are also running primarily rookie rosters, Boston wasn’t able to rise to the occasion. They did have a very promising start to Oasis running dive into New York. However, the Excelsior responded in kind with dive of their own and took the map 2 – 0. Blizzard World wasn’t any better for the Uprising as they had to work hard just to make it to point B, but New York’s defense kept them from claiming it. New York’s attack secured the first point and rolled on to a map win with little resistance. Boston’s attack on Anubis was sloppy but they did managed to take point A with little time left and rolled into point B with less than 30 seconds in their time bank. New York on the other hand easily took A and after a few stalled attempts secured point B with over a 5 minute time bank. In round 2 the Uprising were completely shut down and New York took the map and series for another 3 – 0 clean sweep.

Vancouver Titans v Los Angeles Valiant

Coming off a big win over the Dallas Fuel the Los Angeles Valiant were looking to prove that a team full of rookie talent could make waves. They opened up Lijiang with first control and ran the meter up to 99% but the Titans were able to flip it and eventually take the round through good ult economy and usage. In round two the Valiant once again took dominant control but the patience and trust that comes from a team who have been playing together for as long as they have proved to be too much. The Titans wrested control from the Valiant and even after losing a team fight kept it and ended up taking the round and the win. Blizzard World opened up with an amazing attack on point A by the Vancouver Titans. They continued a dominant push through point B and showed no signs of slowing down as they took the map with an impressive three minute time bank. The Los Angeles Valiant answered in kind with just as much fury as the Titans had. They completed the map with nearly 4 minutes left in the time bank. The Titan still proved to be too much for the Valiant as they pushed to point B in the second round and despite taking point A, the Valiant didn’t get very far and the Titans took the win. On Anubis the Titans would point A and point B with little resistance. The Valiant get a solid capture on point A but take until overtime before they capture point B. In round 2 the Titans full hold for a clean sweep.

Dallas Fuel v San Francisco Shock

After losing in game five to the Los Angeles Valiant, the Dallas Fuel were looking for a win to impress their home crowd. Their match-up against the 2019 Grand Champions the San Francisco Shock would be a hard fought battle. On Oasis the two teams battle it out with control flipping back and forth, but the Shock prove more capable as they take the first round. Shock seems to remain dominant in round two but Dallas is able to wrest control and finish 100-99. The final round continues to be neck in neck but the Shock come out on top with the win. The Shock goes into Eichenwalde with a strong attack taking point A and point B with little resistance and completing the round with nearly 3 minutes on the clock. Dallas makes just as good of time moving into the third point thanks in part to Decay’s wicked Mcree play but the Shock end up holding on point C and take the win. In a reverse of fortunes the Dallas Fuel are able to fully hold the Shock on point A of Horizon Lunar Colony. After an intense defense by the Shock the Fuel are able to take point A and put a win on the board in over time. Despite all the resistance the Fuel are giving the Shock, Havana proves to be a bit too much. The Shock complete the map, but just barely with only 15 seconds left on the clock. However, when Dallas attacks the Shock are able to keep them pinned in spawn for nearly three full minutes. The Fuel do make their way out but are fully held before they can complete point A. The Shock take the series 3 – 1.

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