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RUESSELSHEIM, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 22: Children play video games on smartphones while attending a public event on September 22, 2012 in Ruesselsheim, Germany. Smartphones, with their access to social networks, high-resolution screens, video games and internet acess, have become commonplace among children and teenagers across the globe. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

I love this story…..

We all know that texting while driving is a BIG PROBLEM. But I don’t think banning the cell phone to those under 21 is the answer. This lawmaker feels those under 21 are “too immature” to handle a cellphone. In this report he says he knows there is no chance of a law passing, but made the comments to make a statement.

If we ban kids from cellphones, who will teach US how to use ’em..

Vermont Senator Wants to Ban Cell Phones for the Young

The senator of Vermont has submitted a groundbreaking proposal that suggests the ban of smartphones for youngsters. The senator believes that cell phones are causing road accidents, and are eroding the youth on social media. The law is meant to help spark discussions on the problem, and there's no chance it will actually pass.