Get into the holiday spirit with these must try festive cocktail and drink recipes! These drinks are bound to be the perfect hit at any of your holiday parties or get-togethers this season. Mix your drink and pour a big glass to help truly make this “the most wonderful time of the year”!

Mistletoe Martini – Few things get us into the holiday spirit, like mistletoe. This Mistletoe Martini is the perfect drink to make for your holiday party this year. The Mistletoe Martini is made with cranberry tea, vodka, ginger liqueur, a fresh squeezed orange and lemon, and agave syrup. Top it with a rosemary sprig, lemon rind, and a fresh cranberry and you’re good to go!

Santa Baby – The Santa Baby is a delicious cocktail that tastes just like Christmas! Made with Brandy, Cheery Brandy, Amaretto, cranberry juice, and sugar syrup this is the drink that will truly impress all of your friends. Garnish your drink with cherries and cranberries and it’ll be picture-perfect for your holiday party.

The Snowman –  It’s the perfect time of year to build your own snowman! Make one out of marshmallows to top off you Snowman cocktail! The Snowman is made with vanilla vodka, whipped cream vodka, cream de cacao, white chocolate liqueur and vanilla ice cream. Serve it in a round glass and this drink will be as tasty as it is festive!

Cranberry Margarita – The Cranberry Margarita is a great drink if you’re hosting a lager holiday party. You can easily make this drink in a large pitcher and serve it to your guests. The Cranberry Margarita is made with cranberry juice, tequila, triple sec and lime juice. Rim the glass with sugar and salt and top your drink off with fresh cranberries!

Christmas Mimosa – Get tipsy Christmas morning with the Christmas Mimosa! You can make this morning drink by rimming you glass with sugar, adding pomegranate seeds to the base of your champagne flute, and mixing together champagne and a dash of grenadine. Garnish with a spring of rosemary and start sipping all day long!

The Christmas Mimosa - Tipsy Bartender


The Grinch Cocktail – The Grinch Cocktail will get anyone into the Christmas spirit! This cocktail is made with Absinthe, melon liqueur, lime juice and ginger ale. Rim your glass with green sugar and top with a lime wedge and candy cane! You’ll steal Christmas by serving this recipe at your holiday party!