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388964 01: Commuter traffic makes it way along Interstate 93 May 8, 2001 in Boston MA. According to a study by the Texas Transportation Institute, 1.2 million people drive into Boston for work each day. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Newsmakers)

Yes, exit numbers on highways in Massachusetts will be changing soon…ish. It was supposed to be done ten years ago but these things take time. (see: The Big Dig)

And ten years ago this might have been an issue but because of GPS I think we’ll get through it ok. I mean, how bad could it be (wink)?

What's my new exit? MassDOT reveals new exit numbers on highways

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has unveiled specific details of what exit numbers across the state will be changed to as it takes steps to install federally mandated mile-based exit signs across the Commonwealth's highways.If your daily commute takes you from the Massachusetts Turnpike to Interstate 95/Route 128, get used to getting off at Exit 123 instead of Exit 14.