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KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - MAY 1: C. elegans nemotodes, or round worms, undergo examination by project scientists May 1, 2003 at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The worms were found alive last week in a container that was among the debris from the Space Shuttle Columbia recovered in East Texas. The worms are descendants of those that were part of an experiment that flew on Columbia's last mission before the spacecraft broke up on reentry February 1, killing all seven astronauts. (Photo by Volker Kern/NASA/Getty Images)

What. the. f$&#?!! This is GROSS! And SCARY!!!

Who knew this was possible??!!! Did you??


A woman jogged through a swarm of flies. A month later, she pulled a parasitic worm from her eye.

The woman had just rounded a corner while running along a steep trail in coastal California in February 2018 when she charged face-first into an unpleasant surprise: a swarm of flies. The pesky bugs quickly engulfed her, forcing her to swat them away from her face and even spit some out of her mouth.