Land Ho! Castaway Cay! (Pronounced: Castaway Key!)

Turquoise water and swaying palms. That’s how you start a Wednesday morning!

We sailed all night and arrived early this morning. What a way to wake up!

After chatting with more of the Disney Dream crew and cast members (log on to WROR.COM to hear what Disney has planned for the upcoming holiday season!), I joined my Beasley Broadcasting co-workers for a day on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.

Yes. Disney has their own private island and it’s just for you to enjoy as part of your cruise!

The first things I noticed were the blue and yellow beach bikes and the beautiful bike path. The path is three miles of island scenery with what smelled like jasmine wafting through the air. There’s a small observation tower midway through the path that you can walk up inside of to view the expanse of the island. I rarely turn down a good bike path so yes, I did partake.

And then there’s the beach!

Exactly what you would hope for: soft white sand, warm aqua water you can see clear to the bottom of. I’m really gonna be sad to leave here!

There’s a ton of fun activities on Castaway Cay: water slides (did it), giant water tubes (did it), swimming (did it), biking (did it), beach barbeque (did it), lounge chair sitting under the palm trees and staring out at the tropics (did it), jet ski, parasailing, water craft rentals, nature trail hike, water bikes, snorkeling, there’s an entire area for kids AND a beach just for adults.

Again, this is a Disney property so you know the quality and service is superb.

Before I close today’s missive, I wanted to tell you I caught the award winning Beauty and the Beast last night in Walt Disney Theater, a stunning theater on the third and fourth floors of the ship. Wow. Broadway quality everything! Cannot recommend this show highly enough.

But of course you’d have to be aboard the Disney Dream to see it.

Oh, did I mention you can win a Disney cruise for four? Enter HERE.