First overnight on board the Disney Dream.

I slept soundly to the subtle rocking of the sea, the muted sound of water gently lapping the side of the ship and the clean scent of the open ocean.

I’m thinking about last night’s dinner. A lot of people rave about the food on cruise ships and since this is my first cruise, I’ll weigh in too.

As with every Disney property I’ve ever visited, the dining options are phenomenal. Everything, every detail, perfection.

We had a lovely sit down dinner at one of the many restaurants aboard the Disney Dream. French brioche dipped in an olive, olive oil tapenade to start. I don’t dine out often so when I do, it’s special.

Now, I could go on and list everything I had for dinner but that’s not what struck me last night. What stood out, about Disney in general, is that their goal seems to be to make you feel special all the time. Not just at dinner.

After dinner I decided to give Aqua Duck a whirl. ‘What is Aqua Duck’ you ask? Ha! Well, lucky for you, they gave me a go-pro and the whole thing’s on video! Aqua Duck is a very fun, splashy water slide that runs the circumference of the ship! During the day you get a 360 degree view as you zoom through the tunnel. At night, though it’s all lit up, the darkness adds to the thrill!

This morning I got to talk with many of the Disney Cast Members who keep things running smoothly while ensuring you’re fully enjoying your Disney Dream vacation. In between those conversations I had pictures taken with Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto…which made me feel like a little girl again. To me, age is a state of mind because after all, aren’t we all just children in bigger bodies with more experience?

We’ve pulled into port, Nassau, Bahamas. Some travelers will disembark, some will stay on board, lounging by one of the pools and for the first time, possibly in months, will do absolutely nothing except watch the puffy white clouds drift by.

Oh, and did I mention you can win a Disney Cruise for four?