The Disney Dream.

The purple mist lifts. Now open your eyes.

Imagine you and your family or friends embarking on an adventure where every detail is magical, colorful, close enough to otherworldly that you get to suspend your usual worries and have fun.

I’ve been sent on a reconnaissance mission, a fact gathering trip, out on the Atlantic Ocean on the Disney Dream cruise ship.

This is my first cruise. I know how Disney operates, how their attention to every nuance is impeccable and I’m so excited I could burst!

We boarded the ship a couple of hours ago. It’s beautiful. It’s Mickey’s hand that tells you what direction the elevator is going. Minnie has already made an appearance. Because it’s nearly October, there’s a pumpkin tree to your left in the entry way and numerous artist renderings of every Disney story ever told on every floor.

This cruise is different from others because, well, first, it’s Disney…so you get all the Disney accouterments which bring out the kid in all of us. Then there are the two island stops so you have time to snorkel or chill on a beach and finally, it’s a cruise! Three vacations in one!

There are ocean views, shows, nightclubs, dining, spas and tons of things for kids of all ages!

I’ll be reporting back all week and sending you pictures too.

Oh, and did I mention you can win a Disney Cruise for four?! Click HERE to enter!