TOKYO, JAPAN - APRIL 27: A couple look at azalea in bloom at a shrine on the first day of the Golden Week holiday on April 27, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. Japanese people are enjoying a rare consecutive 10-day break during the annual Golden Week holiday from April 27-May 6, as the nation prepares to celebrate the Imperial succession and the start of a new era next week. (Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)

Sometimes proposals are more intimate when it’s just between the couple, which is why one woman found a way to witness her sister get engaged without being noticed.

Therese Merkel wanted to see her sister’s engagement so bad that she dressed up as a bush so she could watch first-hand.

“We came up with a ton of hilarious ideas that were totally ridiculous,” Merkel tells Buzzfeed News, “We were, like, ¬†how funny would it be if I was a bush or something?’

So, she did just that. With the help of her sister’s boyfriend, Andrew Philibeck, she wore a ghillie suit so she was camouflaged in the back. The proposal was done outside at a conservation site filled with flowers, lanterns, and other decor, so Merkel fit right in.

“She was so well hidden with the ghillie suit in the bushes that I couldn’t find her, so I was nervous that she wasn’t there,” Philbeck explains.

After the proposal, Therese explains that she waited a moment before revealing herself to her sister. Needless to say, her sister was surprised.

Therese posted hilarious pics from the proposal day. Check them out below!

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