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Perry Farrell is apparently just like us and made a couple of big cell phone and email errors in his life, but unlike us, they involved David Bowie.

Farrell touched on these moments in a recent interview with NME where he shared how he accidentally shared both Bowie’s phone number and email address.

“I had a tragic relationship with David Bowie,” said Farrell. “I kept screwing up as a young man. I would do stupid things like one time I left my cellphone in a cab. The cab driver got a hold of it and started texting him, ‘Yo David, what’s up?’ in my name. Then he would be like, ‘Perry, what are you doing?’ This guy was constantly texting him and trying to get hold of him.”

The phone incident was an obvious accident thanks to that cab driver, but Farrell really stepped in it when he included Bowie on an email chain.

“…Somebody had approached me to do a bit of charity work to try to stop DuPont from polluting the waters. It might have been up around North America. So I thought ‘I do want to help this person, and I’m going to get David Bowie to help me too,’ recalled Farrell. “I forwarded the text to David and it had maybe a chain of 200 people saying ‘I will help you.’ I didn’t understand about blind CC’ing in those days, so I effectively gave like 200 people access to David’s private email. Again he text back saying, ‘Perry! What are you doing?'”

Unfortunately, Farrell never had the chance to apologize to Bowie in person. He planned to so at a Bowie tribute event, but the icon tragically passed away before the event.


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