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4 Mar 1998: A general view of a baseball laying in a glove on the grass during an Arizona Diamondbacks spring training game against the Chicago Cubs at Hohkam Stadium in Mesa, Arizona. The Diamondbacks defeated the Cubs 9-8.

Well, it only cost THIRTY GRAND…

It took two years, and 30 K. But hey, it’s for our kids right?

I don’t need a 30 K field of dreams. My Dad went out of his way to get me on BOOMTOWN.

Dad builds real 'Field of Dreams' for his 5-year-old son

Is this heaven? No, it's ... Ohio.A father in Brookfield Township, Ohio, was approached by his son two years ago, asking if he could have a baseball field in the backyard. Like any parent would, Jason Kidd just kind of blew him off."Then a couple days later, I was thinking about it," Kidd told CNN affiliate WFMJ.