Loren & Wally - So great having Kiefer Sutherland stop by...

So great having Kiefer Sutherland stop by this morning! Kiefer is playing The Wilbur Saturday night! Cool story about Bon Jovi and Young Guns!

Kiefer Sutherland stopped by the Loren & Wally Show on Friday morning ahead of his show at The Wilbur this Saturday night, and he talked about shooting Young Guns with Jon Bon Jovi.

“[Bon Jovi] and a few other people – Tom Cruise was one of them – they all wanted to say they had been in a western, and no one was making then,” Kiefer recalled.

“So when we did Young Guns, a lot of Emilio [Estevez]’s friends came out and we put a beard on them, stick ’em on a roof, shoot ’em off the roof, and Jon was one of those guys.”

But not only was Bon Jovi in the movie, he wrote music for the sequel in record time.

Kiefer told the story of sitting in a bar with Bon Jovi and Emilio after shooting Young Guns. Jon was convinced there would be a sequel to the movie, and wanted to write the soundtrack.

“He had been writing on these three napkins, and he had written Blaze of Glory, and he pushed them to Emilio and said, and that’s the first single. It’s going to be a hit,” Kiefer said. “He did it in 15 minutes.”

Back home in Montana after shooting the film, Kiefer found himself in a stereo store in Missoula.

“All 60 TVs they had in the store had Bon Jovi singing on an arroyo in the desert, Blaze of Glory, and sure enough it was number one, and he did it. Emilio has those three napkins framed in his house.”