Americans have some pretty strong preferences when it comes to vegetables, according to a OnePoll survey of 2,000 people launched by Dr. Praeger’s.

If you guessed that corn was the fan favorite across the fruited plain, you’d be correct, with a whopping 91.4-percent voting it number 1.

Potatoes lost out for the top spot by a razor-thin margin at 91.2-percent.

Coming in a tie for third are carrots and tomatoes, with onions, green beans, and broccoli all making the top 10.

On the flip side, America’s least-loved vegetable is the turnip, with 27 percent giving it the thumbs down.

Beets, radishes, and Brussels sprouts didn’t do so well either, the results showed.

America’s favorite vegetables:

Corn (91%)
Potatoes (91%)
Carrots (89%)
Tomatoes (89%)
Onion (87%)
Green beans (87%)
Cucumbers (86%)
Broccoli (85%)
Cabbage (84%)
Peas (83%)

America’s least favorite veggies:

Turnip (27%)
Beets (26%)
Radish (23%)
Brussels sprouts (21%)
Artichoke (20%)
Eggplant (20%)
Butternut squash (20%)
Zucchini (18%)
Mushroom (18%)
Asparagus (16%)