LONDON - FEBRUARY 29: Shoppers leave a Sainsburys store with their purchases in plastic bags on February 29, 2008 in London, England. The Prime Minister Gordon Brown has stated that he will force retailers to help reduce the use of plastic bags if they do not do so voluntarily. (Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images)

In an effort to get their customers to reduce waste, a Canadian grocery store came up with what they thought was a great idea.

They’ll give out plastic bags emblazoned with logos that shame shoppers for not using reusable ones.

Vancouver’s East West Market says the redesign was to get people thinking, with owner David Lee Kwen noting, “We want to help customers remember their reusable bags in a way that will really stick with them.”

Versions include a giant fake logo for a colon care shop, an adult video emporium, and a wart ointment store.

But just like the best-laid plans, there’s been an unintended consequence. The bags have gone viral, with many taking to social media to say they want one.

It's hard to always remember a reusable... - East West Market

It's hard to always remember a reusable bag. We redesigned our plastic bags to help you never forget again.

Do you carry a reusable shopping bag? How do you remember to bring it to the store?