You Could Book A Space Station Vacation In The Near Future

(Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

NASA is going AirBNB... Sort of...

The US space agency announced Friday that it plans to open up the International Space Station to commercial business and tourism.

That includes the possibility of a space hotel aboard the ISS, but NASA wouldn't be booking you directly.

According to the New York Times, private companies would spend an estimated $35,000 per night, which covers sleeping in crew quarters, oxygen, food, water, and toilets, as well as an internet connection.

That's just at-cost, so before any markups to budding space tourists. Oh, and that's also before rocketship transportation to and from the ISS.

So all in, we're looking at estimates of $50 million per person, per trip. So unless you're already a mogul, or plan on winning the lottery in the near future, this vacation may not be for you.