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I could seriously cry looking at this.

My younger brother, Shayne, a gay man, died of aids on March 19, 1995. Throughout his life he was subjected to a lot of (no nice way to put this) sh*t because of ignorance.

He was so funny and handsome and super smart. I often wonder what he’d think of some of the progress that’s been made since his passing.

I miss him every day.

From my whole heart, thank you Brookline PD.

Police show their pride in recreation of iconic Beatles photo

Brookline Police Brookline Pride Crosswalk SOURCE: Brookline Police Four police officers celebrated Pride Month by recreating one of music's most iconic album covers on a rainbow-colored crosswalk.The Brookline Police Department posted the photo Tuesday to Facebook of the officers recreating the Beatles' Abbey Road photo."Taking a step toward equality," department officials wrote in the caption of the photo.

My brother (with my son).