While you can write a will to make sure the property you leave behind falls into the right hands, what about your virtual property and personal information that’s stored on Google?

You can do something about that, too — by setting your Google account to delete itself when you die.

The “Make a Plan for Your Account” option under “Data and Personalization” allows users to set an inactivity time frame. If you don’t sign on for the amount of time you specify, Google will erase your account, including your stored data and files. You can even set it to send you confirmation texts first.

If you can’t bear the thought of knowing your porn collection is going to be wiped from existence, you can also name up to 10 people to inherit your virtual possessions — and specify who gets access to what.

Once your account becomes inactive, your heirs will have three months to claim whatever you left them. You can even write the message Google will send out to tell them you’re dead.