Should we thank Lenny Clark?

After years of being made fun of we’re bringing sexy back with a new study on regional accents. (Which begs the question, we need a survey for that?) Out of the top 50 state regional accents, BOSTON has the NUMBER TWO sexiest accent.

Now if Hank could only lose the crocs

Long Island Accent Ranked Least Sexy in America, Survey Says

50 United States accents have been ranked, and two tri-state accents came in dead last, while the Texan accent ranked the 'sexiest' The Long Island accent was ranked the least sexy accent in the United States, and the New Jersey accent was ranked second-worst The study was conducted among a sample from a travel website's 1.5 million social media followers The sexiest -- and least sexy -- accents in the United States have been ranked, and some accents from the tri-state have come in dead last.