Did you see these EIGHT key moments of last nights Season 8 premiere of Game Of Thrones? WARNING: Spoilers! 

Jon Snow and Daenerys open the show and combine their massive forces to fight the dreaded White Walkers. Jon’s sister Sansa not happy that Snow bowed to Dany, even though the partnership may save everyone’s life.

Jaime Lannister’s former guard and friend Bronn has been secretly recruited by Queen Cersei to kill her BROTHERS Jaime and Tyrion for joining Dany and Jon’s mission to fight the White Walkers, which means Cersei will not provide Euron’s massive at sea army to fight the White Walkers? It now seems that she secretly will try to attack and defeat Jon, Dany and the Starks which will be weakened after White Walkers battle. Cersei sleeps with Euron as payment for army.

Jon Snow reconnected with Sam. Sam reveals to Jon Snow is the heir to the throne. Will he no longer bow to Dany?
Theon rescues his sister Yara Grey Joy from Euron.  
The end was a fun surprise with Jaime Lannister discovering Bran (who he thought he murdered) was alive. 
Is Arya creating a mystical weapon? Who is it for to defeat and destroy?
Will Sansa and Danery be at war forcing John Snow to choose between his sister or lover.
No major character DIED in the Season 8 opener. Who do you predict is next to bite the bullet?