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Hey!!! GoT is BACK Sunday night for the LAST SEASON 8! As we get pumped up, lets take a walk back to March and this great Game Of Thrones trailer, plus my thoughts why you may like it! jaybeau

“It’s not THAT violent!” Said my wife…..

I’m not a blood and guts guy. If it’s DIE HARD, Bruce Willis blood and guts, then yes I’m in.

But three years ago when my wife recommended we try the HBO smash Game Of Thrones, I agreed.  I thought, why is EVERYONE talking about this show? I’m not a Harry Potter guy, but I did love Downton Abbey.

As always, Heidi GoT a deal and had all of the latest GoT SEASONS shipped to our home. The binge watching began.

GoT is about alliances and conflicts among noble family dynasties vying to claim the throne. It has wealth, kings, queens, their land, their egos, their affairs, who holds the power and what they will do to KEEP IT. (Sound familiar?)

From the first episode I was hooked. Yes, out of 67 episodes there are a few scenes that call for a strong stomach, but it’s not that often. When they do happen in usually climatic moments, because the shocker scenes are so perfectly placed, timed and filmed, engaging your heroes, the shock of that particular story-line is more shocking than the gore itself.

For example, fan favorite episode The Rains Of Castamere featured The Red Wedding scene (let’s just say red stands for blood). It was shocking and mind blowing. But what followed a season later was the REVENGE of The Red Wedding. It was a season opener that was the most amazing season opener on television. Compared to Wedding it wasn’t that “gory” at all. It was simply brilliant with the victory of a young heroine back to seek a harsh retribution for her family.  It was a top 5 season opener of all time! I believe The Red Wedding episode won a Prime Time Emmy

GoT has modern day writing, heroes, good guys, bad guys that you think should be good guys, cool dudes, bad ass women, sex, humor and yes, dragons that look real.

The cinematography is perfect.  The scenery and backdrop filming in Iceland, Spain, Belfast, Morocco, and Canada is breath taking.

It’s the ultimate good against evil that always PAYS OFF.

Take a look at the just released trailer.

By the way, if you want to binge watch all 67 episodes, set aside 63,5 hours, or 2 days, 15 hours and 30 minutes.

Game of Thrones - Season 8 || Official Trailer

Very First Official Trailer of the Final Season of Game Of Thrones Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14. #ForTheThrone #gameofthrones #officialtrailer #gameofthronesseason8 #gotseason8 #got #season8 #trailer #teaser #kitharrington #sophieturner #maisiewilliams & Please Do LIKE , SUBSCRIBE , COMMENT & SHARE If you enjoyed this video