Being addicted to sugar and food combined with multiple injuries isn’t a recipe for fitness. Actually, all those Ring Dings, ice cream cones and chicken parm subs probably contributed to the injuries. So WHAT TO DO?

Yesterday, I went back to the world famous Mike Boyle Strength Conditioning in Woburn! I’ve had great success there and when I follow Mike Boyle’s blue print it always works. Other times, I get kidnapped by sugar and really struggle. So, after a few years of dealing with a torn meniscus in my right knee and then breaking my ankle and my leg last September….199 days ago but who’s counting?…I went back to the gym. I have to lose weight AND I’ve committed to doing the Pan Mass Challenge in August with Team WROR. That alone is a reason to get in shape.

It’s never too late to try and shed some pounds and get healthier. Lord knows I’ve done it way too many times. BUT….or should I say BUTT ?(LOLOL)….if you swing and miss, you’ll never hit it if you don’t swing again. So, with baseball season approaching I stepped back up to the plate!

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