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I just hired him to manage my 401 K

This is stunning. Max Lin, a Westwood fourth grader loves TB-12 so much, using Rubiks Cubes, he erected a Tom Brady mosaic that is so perfect it belongs in a museum.

Normally, I would feel intimidated that this fourth grader is smarter than me, but actually I’m delighted and can’t stop staring at this making-of-the-mosaic video. Is that called inspiration?

Tom Brady Rubik's Cube Mosaic Using 999 Cubes

MBL's 2019 STEM project. MBL is a 4th grader, for STEM festival this year, he made a special project to pay tribute to his favorite Patriots player Tom Brady, using 999 regular size 3x3x3 Rubik's cubes (37 cubes vertical and 27 cubes horizontal), the frame stands 7'2" tall and 5'4" wide, this whole thing weighs about 300 lbs.