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Paris Jackson Blasts TMZ For Reporting That She Attempted Suicide

Paris Jackson has some choice words for the gossip and rumor-fueled website, TMZ.

The site reported at on Saturday (March 16) that Jackson was hospitalized after she attempted suicide, saying that unamed "family sources" told them that it was "due in large to the fallout from Leaving Neverland," the documentary about two men who accuse Michael Jackson of molesting them as children.

TMZ claims that "Law enforcement sources" told them that "police and EMS responded to Paris' LA home at 7:30 AM." and that  Jackson slit her wrists; they also report that she's currently in stable condition.

In response, Jackson tweeted at the tabloid, "F*** you, you f***ing liars."

Paris-Michael K. J. on Twitter

@TMZ fuck you you fucking liars

She then followed with another tweet of question marks and an upset face emoji.

Paris-Michael K. J. on Twitter


Jackson, whose father was frequently the focus of tabloids like The National Enquirer throughout his life, has had run-ins with TMZ in the past, notably when they reported that her aunt, Janet Jackson, slapped her. TMZ had to retract the story.  Other stories that TMZ has gotten wrong over the years include stories involving Justin Bieber's marriage, Demi Lovato's overdose, and stories about Miley Cyrus and Lil Wayne.