Dirty Laundry

Fresh off of arguing with Robbie Williams over the singer’s construction of an indoor swimming pool at his home, Jimmy Page has turned his attention towards another of his next-door neighbors.

The Led Zeppelin legend is extremely protective of his historic mansion, which was built in 1875, and will run to the city council at the first sounds of heavy equipment.

Page is upset with former Prudential chairman Sir Harvey McGrath, who is looking to install large air-conditioning units outside his home, which the guitarist feels will affect his ability to work in his home studio. Sending a letter to the Kensington and Chelsea Council Planning Committee, Page writes that he requires “full concentration with no distracting noise,” and that construction would have “the potential for harmful impact on living conditions in the Tower House.”

Jimmy Page Is Arguing With Another Neighbor About Renovations

Jimmy Page wrote a new letter complaining about a neighbor's renovation plans in March 2019.