Or has someone you know seen a UFO?

Do you believe?

The Universe is infinite. There has to be billions of other forms of life.

I’ve talked to people who say they’ve seen a UFO. And sightings come from all walks of life all over the planet.

Disclosure has happened (read HERE) but not in a big, flashy “they’re here” kind of way.

Here are some reported sightings from people you may have heard of:

That Time John Lennon Spotted a UFO in New York

The Space Race led to increased questions as to whether there was life on other planets. This greater curiosity resulted in people regularly seeing unidentified flying objects. One of the most famous UFO sightings during this period was by John Lennon. who claimed he saw one on Aug. 23, 1974.

That Time Sammy Hagar Was Abducted By Aliens

(Image: © Larry Marano/Getty Images) Sammy Hagar is many things: solo star, former singer with Van Halen, club owner, rum and Tequila magnate. And you can add willing victim of alien experimentation to that list. It was back in the 70s, before he became famous with Montrose, that the Red Rocker had his run in with ET.

Nick Jonas Talks About That Time He Saw Three UFOs

Nick Jonas thinks there is a extraterrestrial life out there -- because he's apparently seen UFOs with his own eyes. "This was probably eight years ago. I was in my backyard in LA, and I looked up at the sky and [saw] three flying saucers," Jonas, 23, said on ITV's "This Morning" Tuesday, per People magazine.

UFOs are suddenly a serious news story. You can thank the guy from Blink-182 for that.

May 30, 2018 At the turn of the millennium, Blink-182 was everywhere. On the cover of the pop-punk band's smash album, "Enema of the State," a busty nurse with a lustful grin snapped on a latex glove. At MTV beach concerts, sunburned masses moshed to the No. 1 hit "All the Small Things."

In 1952, 'Flying Saucers' Over Washington Sent the National Press Into a Frenzy

If 1952 marked the year that UFO fever spread across Cold War America, events in late July of that year spiked that mania to critical levels. That's when the grandfather of all "saucer" sightings took place in the skies above the nation's capital, causing a coast-to-coast collective jaw drop.