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I’m sure that’s not what Mike Nesmith‘s mother intended her invention be used for, however, it almost worked. And I can relate.

There was a time when I’d just purchased my dream car, a ’57 Chevy that ‘needed work’ (boy did it). I drove it home from New Hampshire with no registration, a fake license plate, no inspection sticker, oh, and uninsured.

Though I was working seven days a week, I was dead broke and had just been in a car accident. Some guy named, no joke, Dr. Doolittle, had fallen asleep on the highway and side swiped me doing about 60 miles an hour. The Toyota van I was driving flipped completely over and somehow managed to land upright. I was wearing my seat belt so gratefully, no injuries. Dr. Doolittle came stumbling out of the woods and thankfully he was ok too.

My vehicle, however, was totaled and I received enough money from my insurance to buy another car. Now, one would think I would have purchased something sensible because, as I just said, I was dead broke and it would have been the ‘right thing to do’.

Hahahahahaha. Yea, I did not buy something sensible. My rationalization was: “I could have died. I’ve always wanted a ’57 Chevy. I’m buying one.”.

Well, of course the money I received wasn’t enough to pick up a classic car in good condition so I got what $1500 would afford. Possibly one of the stupidest decisions to make with limited finances but what the hell. I enjoyed the car, dumped a lot more money into it and eventually sold it.

But I distinctly remember driving home in that car praying I didn’t get pulled over because, holy mother of god, I would have been in a heap of trouble.

I don’t know why this guy used ‘wite-out’ to change the date on his license plate (short on money? short on time? youth?) but I’d guess he didn’t do it maliciously.

Thankfully, with age comes wisdom…and the statute of limitations.

The totaled van that flipped over.

My dream car.


Plaistow New Hampshire Police Department

2/26/19, 1:30 pm: Officer Dehullu stopped a vehicle with a "suspicious" temporary license plate on Route 125(Plaistow Rd) at the Haverhill line. The temporary plate had been altered with wite out...