Not sure why this happens…

But it does. We have “tiers” of friends.

The “top tier” friends don’t judge, are there for ya and will work to be in your life and keep commitments. During the lunch or dinner, each person get’s equal time to share discuss and listen. These friends will check in with you when life is tough to make sure you’re ok.

Then there’s the “seasonal” friends. “Seasonal friends” will spend time with you, but only on their schedule. If you can drop everything for an impromptu dinner, they can hang. Maybe they we’re once top tier, but life has changed that for them.

Finally, there’s the famous “fair-weather” friend who is there when they need something or wants to share good news, but it really doesn’t go both ways. When you’re ready to share, somehow, the lunch is over.

While I’m no angel and have made a lot of mistakes, I’ve grown to learn this important fact: accepting that when I  give more than I get, somehow, it works out great. In the end, life seems to give even more.

Here’s a the story that inspired this post…

When You Realize a Friend Doesn't Feel the Same Way About You - Her View From Home

As a mom to three kids in elementary school, the whole " friendship game" has remained relatively drama-free so far. Sure, we've had the occasional "so-and-so was mean to me" or "____ said she didn't want to play with me today" but then it's over and they're back to swinging on the monkey bars and playing kickball at recess the next day.