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The Boston Globe’s Beth Teitell had an interesting story today about people who take DNA tests to find out more about their ancestry. And while most tests report whether you’re, say, more Irish than Italian, some people’s lives were upended by revelations they didn’t expect.

One woman found out her father wasn’t really her father. Another learned she had a half sister she never knew about. According to the story, DNA test support groups are gaining more members by the day.

Have you taken a DNA test? Did you get surprising results?

Here’s the story:

First came the home DNA kits. Now come the support groups. - The Boston Globe

The home DNA kit from AncestryDNA was a gift, and it was supposed to be nice. But when Catherine St Clair sent in her sample, she instead learned a shocking truth about herself: She was not the biological child of the man she knew her entire life as "Daddy.'' The trauma sent her to his Texas gravesite, where she lay down and sobbed.