With a show that’s over three hours long, how about caffeine?

The buzz around the Oscars Sunday night is more about what’s not appearing than what is appearing: no host. (Something tells me that Jimmy Kimmel is on vacation for a reason and he and Matt Damon may surprise us all.)

But for now the attendees that are asked to pull their load and present, get a “swag bag” of goodies worth about $100,000.  Now to you and me, that may seem like a lot of cash. But to Hollywood types it’s equal to a gift card to DD’s that you’d give to a co-worker as a Secret Santa.

But in this swag bag, you may not find coffee. What you will find are products infused with cannabis.  Would your co-worker want that?

Oscar 'swag bags' are packed with cannabis this year

By There's a lot of green in this year's (unofficial) Oscar swag bag. The annual treasure trove of over-the-top gifts for the acting and directing nominees is packed with cannabis chocolates, CBD beauty products and a year-long VIP membership to L.A.'s first cannabis-friendly social club.