When we heard that Peter Tork from the Monkees passed away…

We all gave out a collective “sigh.” Another little piece of our innocence, gone.

How could that silly, little, wonderful band at one time out sell the Beatles?

While the Beatles made us think, The Monkees made us laugh and was an escape from thought. While The Beatles were the time’s “mental treadmill” The Monkees were the musical ice cream to cope with seriousness of their time.

While The Beatles could be political and a bit divisive, The Monkees fun was appealing to everyone. Some, may not have admitted that out loud.

Unlike The Beatles, The Monkees won’t be as remembered as the the greatest band of all time.

But they will be remembered as a great band to many that will say, “they are a great band from OUR time.” That could be just as important.

See my proof with this fun video of Davy Jones from the Brady Bunch Movie.