I wonder if he knows how lucky he is…

He’s 17 and was asked to be the DJ at Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday party at a Sunset Strip restaurant in Hollywood. What’s better, Ryan Anthony Robinson was asked via direct message on Instagram “to spin at a birthday party.” They didn’t say WHO it was for.

He spun the music for such stars there as Katy Perry, Courtney Cox, Robert Downey Jr and George Clooney. 

Not bad for a guy who was 2 when Friends ended in 2004.

Meet the 17-Year-Old Who DJ'd Jennifer Aniston's 50th Birthday Party (Exclusive)

He was just two-years-old when the "Friends" finale aired in 2004. Which might explain why Ryan Anthony Robinson - AKA DJ Prince - doesn't sound like he's grasped the magnitude of DJing for Jennifer Aniston 's 50th birthday at the tender age of 17.