Were you surprised?

I was surprised that Aerosmith had not received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They will finally get their star week.

Clearly we know they deserve any music accolade they are awarded. How do you get one?

About 300 people are nominated each year. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has “their own system” of choosing, but mainly, the stars fan base must start a petition of names to be sent to the Hollywood Chamber. Then someone must offer $40,000 for future upkeep of the star. Finally, the star must agree to be present on a mutually agreed on date for the presentation.

While the award is nice, it’s not the Nobel Prize. You can argue that Aerosmith should have been higher on the list before Weird Al, who got his star a few years ago. Past announced iconic celebrities like Dustin Hoffman and Julia Roberts declined their honor. They have no star.

Maybe Aerosmith and their fan base focused on the band winning music awards. They have won lots of those including at least three Grammys.

Here’s a list of “stars” that beat Aerosmith to the walk of fame.  The Rugrats must have an amazing fanbase.

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