Even the NFL admitted the mistake…..

It’s the missed call seen around the world. The missed pass interference call on Sunday against the Rams that many are saying kept the New Orleans Saints from a Superbowl slot. Fans are so outraged they are suing the NFL. (That maybe is an over reaction, but I feel your pain.)

But is it the WORST missed call in sports history? I thought there must be more moments in sports that caused tears, heartbreak and outrage. I found a few more. Bill Buckner must be saying, “thanks NFL ref!”

Worst blown calls in sports history: Where does Saints-Rams rank?

You work for a game, a season, a career all for one moment, a chance at a championship. And then, all of a sudden, that chance vanishes ... not because of the other team, but because of the officials. The New Orleans Saints are the latest to see a shot at glory fall short because of a terrible official call.