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Rod Stewart Watches Rod Stewart Tribute Act at His Sister’s Birthday Party

Rod Stewart attended the 90th birthday party of his sister, Mary Cady, recently and was greeted with a performance from a Rod Stewart tribute act.

Per U.K.’s The Sun, Cady booked Stan Terry to perform for her party of about 35 people, which also included Stewart’s wife, Penny Lancaster.  Apparently, Terry has performed in front of Stewart before, so clearly, he’s received Rod’s approval, but it still seems weird to hire a tribute act when you have the real thing on hand.  

While this whole situation is rather weird, perhaps the strangest thing about this story is The Sun referring to Terry in their story as a “lookalike” of Stewart; most fans with decent vision would beg to differ. Exhibit A: the photo below.  However, just a simple YouTube search of Terry yields a number of decent clips, and he, at the very least, really does sound a lot like Stewart.

Stan Terry The Motown Song

Mereside Village Hall

The Sun on Twitter

Rod Stewart went to sister's 90th birthday and watched a tribute of HIMSELF she had hired https://t.co/B6pc9GZAcb

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