I don’t pay bust out retail for much, but put me on the waiting list for Nike’s new self lacing sneaker, the Adapt BB. They’re $350. I will spell it out: three-hundred-and-fifty dollars! I buy my shoes at Goodwill and wear Crocs.


The Celtics’ Jayson Tatum will be wearing the Adapt BB tonight when the Celtics host the Raports at the TD Garden. I am going to the game, so I feel even more of a kinship with these sneaks. The new lacing system allows you to tighten the laces with an app on your phone or a button on the side of the sneaker.

Why do I want these? Simple. I am recovering from a broken ankle and, as a chubby guy, it’s not that easy to tie my shoes. These are perfect for me. AND, in the name of rehab, think I can convince my wife that I should buy them!

Wish me luck!