Maybe you SHOULD NOT read this…

I’m kidding. From lettuce scares to the disclaimers in medicine ads, we’ve had enough scare tactics these days to be immune to them.

SPOILER: The latest interesting “watch out” is the metaphor that is surfacing behind the Netflix movie starring Sandra Bullock called The Bird Box. 

This popular movie follows a mother that must blindfold herself and her children to be protected from a force that can take their lives, if you see them. This article suggests that the “monsters” (who we never actually see) in the movie is a metaphor for social media.

If this movie makes us take a deeper look at our how social media affects our lives, is that a bad thing?

To me, social media works when it positively connects us. When it doesn’t, we can always shut it off.  I actually did NOT turn on my smart phone for one solid week while I was on a cruise vacation in 2016.  It was the slowest week in history, because I did not miss anything important in 7 days. How did the world know I was on vacation?

Bird Box Is the First Great Monster Movie About This Poisonous Invention

Have you watched the new Netflix movie Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock yet? It's been divisive, with some people saying they love it and other people claiming that they hate it. But I absolutely loved it, and I have a theory about one of the most difficult questions of the entire movie: What are the monsters, exactly?