It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Family and friends gather to celebrate the holidays, love, friendship and memories. Heartwarming! Parents of college kids rejoice at the the return of their precious offspring. BUT, there are a few things to remind them about! Like, GASOLINE!

My daughter Charlotte is home for three weeks and we are psyched to have her back. Abbey lives at home with my grandson, Harv, and goes to school, too, but we see her all the time. I said to my wife, Pam, “It’s so great to have them under our roof at the same time!” It’s very comforting!

What isn’t comforting and slightly annoying is the house quickly turns into a college dorm. I came down early yesterday morning before leaving for work. All the lights were on, every fleece blanket and comforter we own were strewn across the living room, the kitchen sink was full of dishes, the Christmas tree was still plugged in, the outdoor lights were still on AND Charlotte’s suitcase, which is the size of a Volkswagen, is still in the downstairs hallway.

OK, it does take a while for the kids to adjust, I tell myself.

This morning was worse. I went out to the car at 4:30, hobbling down the slippery steps on my crutches! NO GAS! The needle was below the bottom, red, warning line that tells you GET GAS! So, down to the gas station I went in 22 degrees weather (13 with the windchill) and had to fill up the car!

COLLEGE KIDS: PUT GAS IN THE CAR!!! PLEASE!!!! I will give you the money! Just, please, fill’er up!

WATCH: Check out my friend Dan Howard’s take on what it’s like in his house when his kids come home from college! It went viral last year and is HYSTERICAL!!!