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I consider myself a ‘cereal┬áconnoisseur‘.

Because when my kids were young, I would have, no lie, at least 13 different boxes of cereal on the shelf. I like to try new things and I like variety. Every time a new flavor would come out, I’d get to do a taste test and my kids would finish the box.

As a kid, my favorite cereal was ‘Wheaties” (with sugar of course!). I know. Rather boring.

Now I lean towards Corn Chex (with white sugar) and Cheerios (with brown sugar). Yea. Still boring.

But these are just the kind of cereals I would buy to try and my kids would then finish them off. Except my kids are now grown and I doubt either of them go for these.

Hostess Powdered Donettes And Honey Bun Cereals Will Launch Next Year

Powdered donuts in cereal form are now a thing, as Post and Hostess have teamed up for Donette AND Honey Bun Cereal flavors.