His teammates called him Nifty for the way he could dance on the ice in skates and nimbly get around opposing defenseman before scoring on often bewildered goalies. He did this 448 times in his career and, tonight, former Bruins All Star right winger Rick Middleton will have his number 16 retired by the Bruins before their game against the Islanders. No one will ever wear the number again for the Bruins!

Middleton scored 40 or more goals during a five season stretch between 1979 and 1984, scoring 51 goals in the ’81-82 season. The Bruins obtained Middleton from the New York Rangers in exchange for Ken Hodge in 1976. It turned out to be one of the most lop sided trades in NHL history. Hodge, a former NHL all star, was declining in production and Middleton’s career was just taking off after two years in New York. Middleton played 12 years with the Bruins, retiring in 1988.

WATCH Rick Middleton dazzle his way around the opposition with some of his “Nifty” moves!