His mugshot has become an interNECK, I mean an internet hit….

Introducing Neck Guy. 

Arrested on drug charges, the mugshot of Charles Dion McDowell has gone viral because of he unusually large neck. Of course as expected, a massive amount of puns, jokes and memes have followed. Not sure what you call this phenomenon. It is mean spirited, nasty or childish? I don’t know. I can be all three at times. So if you’re offended please neck-cept my apology.

I can probably guess that Charles may be on Ellen soon, getting national neck-sposure.

Charles Dion McDowell, the 'Neck Guy': 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Charles Dion McDowell, otherwise (now) known as the "neck guy," recently rose to internet fame after his mugshot went viral. McDowell, who was arrested on drug charges in Florida, had his mugshot posted on the Escambia County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, and the photo went viral almost immediately due to McDowell's unusually thick neck.