If you’ve been to any memorabilia stores or card shows, you’ve certainly seen the photo of Larry Bird and Julius Erving gripping each other’s throats. The two got into the fight 34-years-ago today in a classic Celtics-Sixers battle. Neither one of them will ever sign that picture.

The two legends always got along, did commercials together and never had an issue: until the fight. They were both fined, but not suspended! Yes, they did became friends off the court again after the fight was over!

Oh, BTW: Bird had 42 points before the fight and Dr. J finished with six and the Celtics ended up winning 130-119.

WATCH: Larry Bird and Dr. J square off in their legendary fight, Nov. 9, 1984!

Larry Bird vs. Dr. J FIGHT | LIVE 11-9-84

November 9, 1984 - Julius Erving (PHI) vs. Larry Bird (BOS) This one happened on a Friday night early in the season and this one was so great simply because of who it involved. Larry Bird and Dr. J were the initiators, but the fight also involved Charles Barkley, Moses Malone, and Maurice Cheeks, just to name a few.