If you’re a Pats fan, this will make your day….

I’ve been talking on a microphone for _____, well many years. I’m happy to say, I have never gotten caught saying something on the air without me knowing it, even if it was stupid, or a mistake, I always knew I was LIVE, like the time in Philadelphia I read snow cancellations, but those schools were OPEN.

Sometimes, broadcasters, athletes, or politicians get caught saying something on “a HOT MIC” that was not meant to air.  It’s our biggest fear. A former program director had a standing rule while the mic was OFF: “NO CURSING IN STUDIO.” His concept was, if we are not cursing while the mic was OFF, there is a better chance that a curse won’t get on the air while the mic is ON.

Ever wonder what Coach Bill Belichick is saying on that headset during Patriots games? Enjoy this, I did, five times.

New England Patriots

Fired up, even keeled & everything in between. A fantastic four minutes of BB mic'd up during Sunday's win over Green Bay.