Of all the STUPID things I have done……

I did this right: I asked Heidi to marry me at Walt Disney World. I planned it for months, smoothly getting the ring box (with the ring!) through airport security without Heidi knowing that the BIG question was about to be asked that night, December 17th, 2013.  My friend Tim, who works at Walt Disney World gave me the perfect place to propose:  the wishing well next to Cinderella’s Castle. Heidi didn’t see it coming. 

So when I read about THIS GUY dropping to one knee to propose to his future wife WHILE SHE WAS RUNNING THE NEW YORK MARATHON, I had to wonder, DUMB or BRILLIANT?

She said yes, so who knows. We do know it didn’t help her running time. 

Internet upset man proposed to girlfriend in the middle of her first marathon

Picture this: You're running your first-ever marathon through the streets of New York City. You've been training for this for over a year. You're exhausted, sweaty and surrounded by people, including over 50,000 fellow runners and countless spectators. At mile 16, you see your boyfriend and excitedly run over to say hello.