I’m a sucker for worst-to-first stories, “famous failure stories” and any story that proves we can overcome obstacles. Of course, we’re Red Sox fans.

This INSPIRING video tells the story how Queen’s brilliant Freddie Mercury was teased and bullied with the nickname “Bucky” because of his very large two front teeth. It turns out that the teeth were instrumental in his ability to sing at such high notes. Imagine if he let the bullying affect his passion to sing? There would be NO Bohemian Rhapsody! No Queen! 

When I was sixteen a former radio boss told me that my voice was “too scratchy” and I should have my adenoids removed or else I would not make on the air in radio. Well, I still have my adenoids, I’m still on the air and that former boss: he’s out of radio.

Oprah was told that she’d never make on TV because her “eyes are too far apart.”

Walt Disney was fired from his first animation job because he “lacked imagination.”

The lesson? Never listen to bullies or experts.

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